EAM Gears Up for First Release as a Label

Alison Lewis & Matt Dmits "Leather and Lace" Art Work

Alison Lewis & Matt Dmits "Leather and Lace" Art Work

This June, Electric Alley Music will dip its toes in the water of the selling of records side of the music business.

When I was about 12 years old, I started recording and selling my own music. I sold low budget rap albums out of my backpack for a couple bucks each and even had the cassette available for purchase at local record stores... and I actually made a couple of dollars. I didn't know that it was a little weird to be just 12 and have this little indie label going, releasing my own music to the world, I was just doing what I loved.

I decided I want to bring those feelings back, and so starting June 22nd I'll be releasing music, my own and other artists, once again. I'll begin with digital releases in hopes that I'll be able to one day build up enough capital to release vinyl, cassettes, etc.

I'm excited about this first release. It was recorded almost on a whim by Alison Lewis and Matt Dmits, two of Detroit's most respected singer-songwriters. I invited them into the studio to do a cover of Stevie Nick's and Don Henley's "Leather and Lace". They agreed and a few days later we were in the studio hammering it out. The whole session was probably about four hours long, that's it. Not long after I mixed it and decided it was worth a proper release.

So this will be EAM 001 and it will be available June 22nd on iTunes and other digital retailers. Please show your support for Alison, Matt and myself and download it!