Recording Percussion: The Basics

Coming this weekend is a new MixTrix video featuring Ed Sertage, owner/engineer of Woodshed Studios in Oak Park, Michigan. Ed was kind enough to offer his recording and mixing techniques he uses on aux. percussion like tambourine and shaker. Definitely a must-see if you are wondering how to get a balanced, nice sounding percussion track to complement your song.


Ed Sertage, Engineer/Owner of Woodshed Studios, Oak Park, Michigan

Ed Sertage, Engineer/Owner of Woodshed Studios, Oak Park, Michigan

New MixTrix Video, Sessions, Etc.

TGIF, everyone! Today I'll be releasing a new MixTrix video which will show you the "voodoo" of the MixCentric Plugin from Greg Wells and Waves. It's a one-knob, easy-to-use plugin that adds EQ, compression, and harmonics to your mix. The MixCentric plugin is great for musicians or engineers that want to bring their mix up to a more "commercial" level with great ease. Look for the video later today.


Check out the MixCentric here

That isn't all this weekend.  Tonight I'll be recording drums for Brandon Moses, a musician from the Detroit area. His music is a bit complex and extremely quick so it will be a good challenge.

Saturday, I'll be recording drums for The High Strung's Stephen Palmer. We've gotten six or seven songs in the bank thus far and we are pushing to do two more tomorrow. The album is coming together nicely!

So that's all for now. Happy music making!